The Honor Cafe Culture

As a 100% veteran-owned project, owner Chris Sadler created an atmosphere that serves multiple patriotic purposes. The founding idea behind our establishment was a place to enjoy great food with family or friends while celebrating the legacy of veterans throughout our great Republic’s history.

At Honor Cafe our guests will discover extraordinary stories, veterans can reminisce on their past glories, and together we can appreciate the sacrifices made to provide the lifestyle which we as Americans reap the benefits of every single day. To bring this history to life in a fun and exciting way, we have exhibits on display from H.E.A.R.T.S. Military History Museum, as well as personal artifacts, loaned and donated by local veterans and veterans’ families.

We offer customers the opportunity to leave thankful remarks for our monthly Legacy of Patriots’ inductee, and our Battle Buddies program teaches children about American Military campaigns and patriotism. While the displays alone are worth the visit, you’ll never get bored with our menu featuring an All-American fusion between your grandma’s table and your favorite steakhouse.

Our Executive Chef, Oscar Sandoval does an exceptional job at crafting comfort foods inspired by American Military Campaigns throughout the world. Last but certainly not least, our monthly special features favorite foods of that month’s Legacy of Patriot inductee. We support veteran service organizations with a portion of our proceeds and support veteran-owned businesses by incorporating their products or services within our business.

This is a special place for everyone – the young and elderly, civilians and veterans – to connect with extraordinary stories over great food surrounded by the history of the most honorable among us.

The High Price of freedom

A Veteran — America’s citizen heroes and heroines, united by a common purpose – serving their country in military service, and united by common values – Duty, Honor, Economy, Courage, and above all, Responsibility for Oneself. Each veteran, at some point in life, has written a blank check payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount up to and including their life.

The underlying principle of Legacy of Patriots is to continually commend and encourage this nature of service, by featuring a newly nominated veteran each month. That Veteran then joins our exclusive institution, Legacy of Patriots, where their story will be honorably commemorated and celebrated for decades to come!